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U.S. Militarism and Women’s Rights

July 4, 2011

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This is a subject that I’ve been interested in for a long time. I’ve always had a hard time rationalizing certain feminist principles with the United States’ hawkish foreign policy. How can we as a country proclaim our unyielding support for women around the world while at the same time advocating military solutions to almost […]

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Is the US Response to Mass Rapes and War Crimes in the Democratic Republic of Congo Driven by Politics?

July 2, 2011


NY Times columnist Nick Kristoff is right- the crimes taking place in the DRC are among the most under-reported in the world. It’s almost as though the DRC doesn’t exist. When was the last time you heard a story about the never-ending conflict there? Probably the last time was when Secretary Clinton bravely went to […]

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