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Don’t Ever Forget What the Media Is: Corporate

July 21, 2011

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The media is only as liberal as the conservative multinational corporations that own it. It is no secret that MSNBC has endeavored to be the more liberal version of Fox News, a questionable gambit that is more of a concession to race-to-the-bottom journalism than anything else. While I happen to be quite progressive, I never […]

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Fox News Headlines Vs. Real News Headlines

July 6, 2011


This is via Buzzflash. It shows how Fox spins certain headlines to, shall we say, appeal to their own unique audience. Here are a few of the samples but go here to check them all out, they are too funny: Actual Headline: Fox News Headline: Actual Headline: Fox News Headline: Actual Headline: Fox Headline: Actual […]

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The Battle for Hearts and Minds on Twitter

June 29, 2011


Most of the information I’m getting about what’s going on with the Flotilla2 (Freedom Flotilla) is from Twitter for several reasons: 1) it’s a good way to get info. directly from people who are on the boats; 2) the U.S. mainstream media is largely ignoring the story at this point; 3) it’s nice to get […]

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OT: Mental Health Break: John Stewart on Fox News Sunday

June 19, 2011


This is good. I wonder if Chris Wallace realizes how clueless and out of touch he sounds? There is just nothing cool about Chris Wallace- not his voice, not his clothes and not that bizarre thing on top of his head. The media is only as liberal as the huge corporate interests that own them. […]

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