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The NYT Has a Hilarious New Post Up From the Public Editor Asking if the NYT Should Report the Truth and Correct Lies

January 12, 2012

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This article from Public Editor Arthur Brisbane is the gift that keeps on giving. That he (or apparently the Times) don’t see that it demonstrates that the NYT (and their other friends in the MSM who just haven’t had the balls to write this stuff down and post it for all to see) has officially […]

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The National Security State: If We Keep This Up The Terrorists Win

July 30, 2011


The events of 9/11 have spawned an understandable focus on security, however, the extent of fear-mongering, Islamophobia and ongoing curtailment of civil liberties, along with the meteoric rise of an unwieldy national security state which operates like a secret government within a government, is at odds with the principles and values of representative democracy. The […]

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Thanks to Iraq Invasion Iran is Now the Driving Force in That Country

July 29, 2011


This was totally foreseeable, not that any of our leaders, the media or the think tanks and commentators will take any responsibility for championing a disastrous war that has made us less safe while empowering Iran. No, now they are busy working on the next war- Iran! Oh, the irony. And because the media unquestioningly […]

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