Tell the WaPo to Stop Covering for Their Bigoted, Hateful Likud Blogger

December 11, 2011


Hi everyone, I’m back.

Each time I go into the hospital I come out to even more outrageous shenanigans on the part of not only the Israeli government, but their proxies here in the U.S. and even the Obama administration.

Jennifer Rubin works for the Washington Post for one reason- so she can amplify the Israel Lobby party line. Everything else she writes is just filler to try to make it look like she’s some sort of political writer. She’s not. Her whole professional life has been dedicated to one thing- anti-Arab, pro-occupation, anti-peace demagoguery. That’s why she was hired at the Post and thus far, she hasn’t disappointed. I mean, where else but in the American MSM could you use your Washington Post twitter feed to promote genocide against Palestinians?

In fact, in a very short time she’s managed to rival my other favorite media figure, the NYT’s Jerusalem Bureau Chief, Ethan Bronner, for flagrant conflicts of interest, ethical lapses and contempt for Palestinians. Of course, Bronner pretends to be an objective journalist while Rubin was hired by the Post to provide political commentary and reporting. That said, it doesn’t excuse Rubin because even those that provide commentary for the nation’s [supposed] top tier news outlets should have to comport with basic ethics and at least attempt to base their commentary on something resembling facts. But hey, not Rubin.

Here’s Rubin’s latest hit piece on behalf of the Israel Lobby [via Think Progress]:

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin this week in two separate posts smeared CAP and its bloggers as “anti-Semitic” and “anti-Israel.” In her first post highlighting a recent Politico piece — which was originally titled “Liberal think tank harbors Israel haters” but subsequently changed to “Uncovering the anti-Israel enablers” — Rubin, without offering any evidence, said our “views are not merely anti-Israel, they are anti-Semitic” and that our writing is “fiction for Israel haters.” Rubin posted a follow-up story the next day, noting Progressive Policy Institute senior fellow Josh Block’s role in it and added, again without offering any evidence, that CAP bloggers promote “out-and-out anti-Semitic hate speech”:

Block is a self-identified Democratic activist whose pro-Israel credentials are well known. He’s actively worked for years to elect scores of Democrats. Of course he wants the anti-Israel left to be exposed. Of course he wants pro-Israel Democrats on record as distancing themselves from the CAP-housed bloggers who peddle in anti-Israel attacks and out-and-out anti-Semitic hate speech.

Again, Rubin offered no proof of these charges. But she promoted Block’s claim that “the European Union’s accepted definition of anti-Semitic hate speech applies to much of the CAP bloggers’ rhetoric, such as holding Israel to a dual standard while demonizing the Jewish state.”

More on this story here.

Here is my email to Washington Post Ombudsman Richard Pexton, whom I seem to write to about once a month, complaining about the Post’s shitty, biased, coverage of everything:

Mr. Pexton,

I am wondering, was Jennifer Rubin hired for any other reason than to serve as an echo chamber for far-right, fringe, anti-Arab, anti-free speech, anti-Palestinian hawks? Reading the Post has become tiresome- it’s just one ethical controversy after another with the likes of Rubin. The pages of the Post have become nothing but hawkish, pro-Likud foreign policy views. Does the Post really think that such views don’t get get enough airtime in the U.S. mainstream media? As far as I can tell, it’s the ONLY view that gets aired. Thus, the notion that Rubin brings any sort of “balance” to the Post as a conservative is a bunch of tripe. Balance? Whom is she balancing at the Post? Fred Hiatt? Jackson Diehl, Richard Cohen? Give me a break. Yes, she throws in some short posts daily where she shills for her GOP friends and uses her lofty perch to tar those whom she and her friends disagree with. Her contact list for quotes seems to consist mainly of her personal friends and house guests (Rachel and Eliot Abrams, Noah Pollak, Bill Kristol etc.), whose intolerant and often hateful views she promotes under the banner of the Washington Post.

Rubin’s latest screeds, naturally, involve tarring huge swaths of people as anti-Semites simply because she disagrees with them on the issue of Israel. Lets be honest- this is really Rubin’s main purpose in her working life- to use her various writing gigs (and behind the scenes work at the Emergency Committee for Israel)- at Commentary, now at the Post, to lash out at anyone who dares to try to open up the debate on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She represents the worst in American political debate (or lack thereof). She serves as an echo-chamber for the most fringe elements of the anti-Arab, so-called “pro-Israel” (but ironically, not really) right. How many times is the Post going to cover for Rubin’s rabid anti-Arab rhetoric knowing full well if she were targeting any other group, she’d have been long gone by now? And yet, the Post offers her endless cover. I wonder why that is Mr. Pexton? What is it, exactly, about Ms. Rubin that makes her so worthy of the Washington Post’s protection?

Can you imagine the Washington Post hiring an Arab, or even God forbid, a Palestinian-American blogger who wrote about Israelis and Jews with the same venom Rubin directs at ALL Arabs or anyone she deems as their “sympathizers”? It would never happen, ever. And that says a lot about the Post’s commitment to objective journalism or even balanced commentary. There is NO ONE at the Post who balances out Rubin’s far, far, far right foreign policy views on the Middle East and you and the rest of the Post staff know it.

Please stop rationalizing Rubin’s hatred and unprofessional writing as merely being about left vs. right or pro-Israel vs. anti-Israel. In doing so, you are complicit in Rubin’s demeaning, hateful demagoguery.

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4 Comments on “Tell the WaPo to Stop Covering for Their Bigoted, Hateful Likud Blogger”

  1. Carolyn-Rodham Says:

    Hey you! Welcome back!
    Great post and letter to WashPo. I’m sure they’re always super prompt in their replies to you. 😏

    Now all we need is Newt in the White House.


  2. thainjacobs Says:

    Woo hoo, Stacy’s back. Hope you are doing ok. I’m a bit worried.

    Hello Carolyn, how ‘ya doing?.

    As for that hack Rubin, she makes the entire American Jewish community look bad unless they actually find the courage to speak out against her hateful nonsense.

    Have you noticed how hysterical the Israel Lobby has been lately? They are going after Hillary for her daring to express concern over women’s rights in Israel because of the gender segregated buses and also the full frontal attack on human rights groups in Israel. Good for Hillary- it’s the first time in about 6 months she’s said something I agree with. But after she said what she did Israeli politicians and the US Israel Lobby went ballistic. What happened to all those liberal Jewish values I hear so much about? Discrimination against women is only bad when Muslims do it? How many times have I heard Jews lash out at how Muslim societies treat women because of the conservative dictates of Islam but then when Israel segregates some men and women in public accomodations and when male members of the IDF walk out when a woman soldier sings at a ceremony, that’s all just A-OK? Why? Let me guess- because of the holocaust and anti-semitism? [/snark] That seems to be the rationale for everything these days.

    Did you see how Jews went after one of their own? Ambassador Guttman for his daring to suggest, very mildly, that all criticism of Israel isn’t anti-Semitism? Democrats and Republicans, in addition to Jewish orgs, have called for him to be fired. WTF? He’s the friggin’ son of Holocaust survivors but he can’t have an independent thought on Israel? So much for free speech. The American Jewish community should be so proud of how they act with regard to Israel.



  3. tovah8 Says:

    Welcome back Stacy! I was worried and I miss you. Thanks to Micah for giving us the heads up, I’ve been checking back every other day or so to see if you are back or any updates. I hope you are recovering well.

    I largely agree with you Thain. The Jewish community looks worse and worse every day. Our bloodlust for war with Iran is really off-putting.

    I know Stacy has probably caught up on some of this but The Most Moral Army murdered a Palestinian protester who used a slingshot to hit an armored IDF vehicle with a rock. It happened in Nabeh Saleh where Israel is illegally displacing Palestinians. So I guess the Palestinians are just supposed to sit there quietly while their homes are illegally destroyed? Because we all know that’s what we Americans would do, right? I love the double standard.

    When is MY community, the JEWISH community, going to realize that not all Arabs and Palestinians (and Persians etc.) hate Jews but rather hate Israel’s policies and treatment of the Palestinians? Because there is a difference.

    Has anyone seen the articles discussing the Israelification of America post-9/11? I’ll try to find some of them. We turned to Israel to help us fine tune our torture program and the militarization of our police forces being used against Occupy Wallstreet protesters (and others) is based in part on Israel’s disproportionate, heavy-handed tactics against it’s Arab citizens. I think Glenn Greenwald covered this recently over at, as did Max Blumenthal:


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