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Max Blumenthal Does What the MSM Won’t…Actual Investigating

June 29, 2011


Last year Max Blumenthal (yes, son of Sydney) was the one who knocked down and exposed most of the Israeli governments’ ridiculous propaganda. This year, the Flotilla hasn’t even set sail yet (and it’s increasingly looking like it may not, unfortunately) and already Israel has two major PR blunders, both of which I already wrote […]

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Israeli Government Promotes Fraudulent Flotilla Video: Let the Propaganda Begin!

June 26, 2011


If you watched the events unfold during last year’s Flotilla, then you know that the IDF engaged in an unbelievable propaganda campaign which included using doctored/edited/manufactured audio and video tapes and of course, they jammed all communications and afterwards confiscated all the cameras, phones, etc. of the participants. The most obnoxious propaganda was the claim […]

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