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Why The Two State Solution is Dead

September 26, 2011


One of the problems with the administration’s foreign policy towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is that it increasingly ignores reality in favor of political expediency. The so-called “peace process” has become a time-honored endeavor for many, many Presidents and while 15-20 years ago there actually was the possibility of creating two states along lines that would […]

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State Department Says Israel’s Violation of Palestinian Rights is an ‘Internal Matter’ for Israel

September 8, 2011


As Kurt Vonnegut would say, “and so it goes.” From the State Dept. spokeswoman Victoria Nuland: QUESTION: Can the U.S. confirm the Israeli government’s eviction of Negev Bedouin Palestinians from territory unrecognized by Israel as Palestinian? If so, what do we know about the details of the removal from these communities? ANSWER: This is an […]

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Israel Just Approved Plan to Build Thousands of New Homes in Occupied East Jerusalem

August 11, 2011


Haaretz has the story here. I’m sure the U.S. media will be all over this story, right? I’m sure the Obama administration will denounce this flagrant disregard for international law. HAHAHAHA, just kidding! It’s interesting that the Obama administration is spinning like a top and expending a significant amount of diplomatic effort in order to […]

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Video: Palestinian Youths in E. Jerusalem Abducted by IDF While Playing Soccer

July 27, 2011


I’m sorry, but this is not how a democracy acts: Some are saying they might have been abducted on suspicion of throwing stones. Or not. Not that it matters. Once a Palestinian is accused of stone-throwing they usually end up in jail even if they are not guilty and even if they are as young […]

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Canada: Criticism of Israel is Anti-Semitism

July 26, 2011


So much for free speech: Nearly two years after the first hearings were held in Ottawa, the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition fto Combat Anti-Semitism (CPCCA) released a detailed report on July 7 that found that anti-Semitism is on the rise in Canada, especially on university campuses. While the CPCCA’s final report does contain some cases of […]

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It’s Time to Stop Chasing the Peace Process Unicorn

July 23, 2011


As someone who believed in the peace process and the two state solution, it’s not been easy to reach this conclusion, but all the evidence points this way. Earlier this month I wrote several posts about how the Mideast Quartet had become little more than a vehicle for the U.S. and Israel to strong-arm their […]

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Why the Israeli Anti-Boycott Law is a Slap in the Face to Democracy

July 16, 2011


Israel’s right-wing government passed a law which penalizes any Israeli who engages in, or speaks about, boycotting Israel or the Occupied Territories. For example, if an Israeli urges artists to not have a concert in Jerusalem, that individual could be sued in civil court and under the law, the person bringing the suit does not […]

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Wanna Rent an Apartment in East Jerusalem?

July 9, 2011


Here’s the translation of the highlighted portion: “Beautiful apartment including table and chairs. Wall closets. Breathtaking view. For Jews.” [h/t Mondoweiss]

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